3 Nail Myths that We Wish Were an April Fools’ Day Joke - Seriously!

3 Nail Myths that We Wish Were an April Fools’ Day Joke - Seriously!

Apr 01 , 2022



April Fools’ Day is probably the one day out of the year where you’re expecting more myths than truths presented to you. The day where those close to you might try to use their knowledge of you to get over in the ultimate way. Rest assured, we are going the complete opposite this year. Today we decided to flip the script on the trickiest day of the year by debunking three common nail myths - and we pity the ‘fool’ who believes them. 

Check out some nail myths that aren’t worth the laugh - but worth the knowledge!

Cutting Your Cuticles is Necessary 

Let’s try UNnecessary. This one myth couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it can be quite damaging to your nail bed to cut your cuticles because they serve a very important purpose. Your nail cuticles are there to protect you and keep harmful bacteria from entering your body, and breaking down this protective barrier increases your exposures to pathogens. While they make for a clean nail bed, it’s not often worth the long-term damage. 

(Photo Credit: RODNAE Productions) 

White Spots on Nails Represent a Deficiency 

Not quite. While the indication of white spots can be tied to a deficiency, it’s more likely that their visibility on your nail bed is a direct result of an injury or trauma. Nail bruises are known as leukonychia and typically clear up on their own - or grow out in a months time span. Our nails are made up of hundreds of layers of tightly-packed tissue and the smallest entrance of air can cause white spots and discoloration. 

(Photo Credit: Research Gate) 

You Have to Let Your Nails Breathe

This is definitely not true, for more reasons than one. Beyond the obvious fact that our nails don’t “breathe” in the traditional sense that myth implies, it’s important to know that nails receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood supply (within) and not the air (outside). We often hear people discuss laying off of nail polish, acrylics or other nail enhancements to help their nails “breathe” - which is just another myth. Polish has come a long way, and before many brands started to clean up the ingredients, it might have been wise to pace yourself on nail polish, considering the alarming amount of toxic chemicals. But much has changed with new laws and bills to ensure that many detrimental ingredients are banned. 

(Photo Credit: Angela Roma) 

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